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Dear Florensians, You might ask yourself what's coming next to Florensia and with this news we like to answer this question. All these things are just a few weeks away and you don't have to wait that much for them anymore.
Dear Florensians, The sun is burning down and the best place to be is at the beach and enjoy cooling water of the sea and playing with your friends. But you can't go in your usual armor to the beach, you would need something more fitting. The best outfit would be one of the cool Swimsuits we offer.
08 Jun 11:00 [SHOP] World Ocean Day
Dear Florensians, It's World Ocean Day and so set your sails and get one of the stylisch Boats you can always get around this date. You can again get the awesome boats with their unique stats and this only until June 13th 2016! Your Florensia-Team
Dear warriors! It is your turn to show your power in our upcoming PvP Event. If you feel powerful enough to challenge other players, you should consider to register now. For it, just send to us an email to
Dear Florensians, As we all know the world of Florensia is a dangerous place where a helping hand can make a great difference. Be that hand in form of a guardian angel and help your fellow Florensians out of trouble dressed adequate with the suiting angel dresses currently available on discount. Your Florensia team